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“You have really helped me the last few months to connect and gain more clarity in my life when I needed it the most and I am very grateful. Thank you.”
How can I support you?

Energy Healing Therapies

how it can help you

Transformative Benefits
of Energy Healing

Stress & Anxiety Relief

Nervous System Regulation for Deep Relaxation

Pain Management

Natural healing for pain, tension, arthritis, injury etc.

Emotional Release

Gently Acknowledging, Accepting & Allowing

Sleep Support

Activate Para Sympathetic Nervous System & Supportive Brain Wave States

Energy Boost

Vitality and productivity restoration

Mental Peace

Release negative patterns and enhance clarity and calm

Spiritual Awakening

Guidance & Support as your consciousness ascends and systems expand

Immune System Support

Strengthening natural healing abilities

Spiritual Connection

Elevate Consciousness, Intuition and Purpose

Holistic Well-being

Body-mind-spirit alignment for harmony and health

I had a one-hour Rahanni Energy treatment with Lightworks last week and have been feeling super energised ever since! I didn’t know what to expect initially and was quite tense to start, it took a day or two to kick in but now I am feeling very energised and intentional about some practices I would like to implement. Janet’s calming energy is so welcoming, and you can’t but feel at ease in her presence. I would highly recommend Lightworks to anyone.

I just want to thank you so much for such a wonderful experience! I’ve completely turned around since I saw you and I feel so reconnected with myself and so full of love and light, can’t thank you enough.

Thank you so much for the fabulous event you hosted. I can’t put into words how much the day meant to me. When I arrived my heart was full of sadness and anger but on leaving, I felt an amazing sense of peace and calm, as if a pressure valve had been released!  Thank you for introducing me to a feminine energy I wasn’t even acknowledging.  There was such beautiful energy at the event, everyone was so warm, non-judgmental and open-minded. It was an honour to be a part of it. Thank you also for your kind words of reassurance, you have a lovely way about you. Keep doing what you are doing.

Anyone who will do this course will be deeply happy that they did – Janet is an amazing teacher, guide, and all round fabulous & magical person – I wish I could do it all over again!! It has opened up a whole new path for me with healing, beyond what I could’ve dreamed of, and I’m still very early on in my Rahanni journey – you’re in good hands with Janet – go for it.

I don’t have enough space to write about this amazing soul. Suffice to say that, after my reading this week which, I needed to digest, Janet could not have been more accurate. Her gift is truly amazing. All I can say is, if you feel called, get her to do a reading. I am so excited to get another in the future in person as, l want to feel the energy in the room.

I just wanted to say thank you so much for my reading! It resonated with me so much! I really felt that you connected to my energy and the guidance was en pointe to where I am in my life right now! I found myself laughing along with you in the recording because it was so accurate to the way I act and think! Just wanted to say thank you and would highly recommend you.

what is energy therapy?

Connection to the Peace that lies Within

When our energy is balanced, life flows with greater ease and vibrancy. We know higher states of being are accessible and preferable. Sometimes all it takes is a little of the right support.

Energy healing is a powerful yet deeply relaxing therapy. You can attend your session either in Harold’s Cross, Dublin or via an online Zoom call. 

Just click on the booking link to choose an appointment that suits you. If your preferred date or time is not available, or if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch below and I’ll take care of you. 

My name is Janet. I’m looking forward to guiding you back to yourself 

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