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about lightworks energy healing

Meet Janet: Energy Therapist
and Spiritual Guide

Hi, I’m Janet. I became an Energy Therapist after an awakening of consciousness. My soul was brought out of my body and home, back to its Source, and its pure state of unconditional love, peace, joy, and light.

This profound event was a catalyst to a series of other heightened and out of body experiences that taught me about our formlessness in form, our Divinity and Humanity, and about unity and duality.

We are here to learn and evolve through creating. We create matter and what we create matters. It matters because it is either created through fear or through love.  In separation from our Divinity or in unity with our Divinity.

And it’s a tough gig. Typically, we don’t learn or expand the easy way. We only truly learn when it hurts. Either we change our energy, or our energy changes us through conflict or illness. However, these darker experiences of fear, pain, grief, loss etc., expand our capacity for light and can guide us back to the truth of the love that we are.

My job is to help you with that. Energy Therapy identifies where we are creating blocks in our energy; physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, integrating the wisdom from the experience, and alchemising it back to love. That’s how we raise our vibration and evolve in consciousness. It happens within, by loving our humanness into Divine-ness.

Janet is such a beautiful person, made me feel so comfortable and welcomed. She is amazing at what she does, I left feeling so light and stress free. Her energy is so pure, I would highly recommend her service. Janet is a good listener and made me feel so important. Thanks again x

Alannah Barry

I had a Reiki session with Janet recently, which was much needed. I can’t recommend her enough. Janet is an incredible vessel for light and knows exactly how to put you at ease. If you are unsure if you should book in with Janet, just do it, you won’t be disappointed.

Naomi Lopez McGrath

Janet is absolutely amazing!! I felt so at peace when she was working on my energies/Chakras. Cannot wait to have more sessions with her.

Manon Reau

I don’t know quite how to sum up my session with Janet, but suffice to say she was superb! She got everything I spoke to her about and I truly felt a connection with/through her, to a calm healing. Just book in with her…you won’t regret it! Many many thanks Janet.

Liam Hennessy


I Am Here To Support You.

By working together, we can address a wide range of concerns, including stress, anxiety, physical pain, emotional imbalances, and spiritual stagnation, and align you to your infinite potential.

Energy Therapy is for everyone. It’s a gentle and relaxing treatment that restores you to clarity, harmony, and peace. No matter what you’re going through, energy therapy can support you.

In addition to energy therapy, I am qualified in Anatomy and Physiology, Holistic Massage, and Nutrition and Diet. Though I don’t specialise in these disciplines, my diverse background allows me to offer a holistic approach to healing, incorporating various techniques and practices to support your overall well-being.

Energy healing has transformed me and my life in ways I couldn’t ever have imagined. I am deeply passionate about this work, supporting you, and connecting you to your unlimited lifeforce and the freedom of living in peace, joy, and love.

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